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The Dukes of Hazzard finished in the Nielsen top 20 for four consecutive seasons, finishing at No. 2 in 1981. The Top 20 streak would probably have continued if Duke boy actors Tom Wopat and John Schneider had not decided to sit out the 1983 fall season because of a contract dispute. Wopat and Schneider filed a lawsuit for $25 million against Warner Brothers, alleging that the company shortchanged them on royalties from the $190 million worth of Dukes toys, games, and clothes–sales “considered to be among the most lucrative in TV history.” When Wopat and Schneider left and CBS tried to cast replacement cousins Coy and Vance, The Dukes plummeted from the top 20 and never made it back, making the show a victim of its own success.


Molded in orange, this 1:25 scale plastic model kit of the General Lee was first released by MPC in 1981. Years later, in 1997 and in 2001 it was re-released. The 2001 edition had the Confederate flag removed from the images on the box for political correct reasons… A flag was inside the box though.


Sheriff Rosco’s Police Car was one of four official Dukes of Hazzard model kits released in the 80’s by MPC. It came with a few options that the TV car didn’t have, like a search lights, a speaker and an antenna mounted on the side of the trunk. The model was molded white, so you didn’t have to paint it.


Daisy’s “Dixie” Jeep was also releasd in 1981 by MPC. Daisy got her Jeep from a rich girl’s father after her yellow Plymouth fell off a cliff. This model has also been re-released a few times, giving the box a complete re-design. In 2005, AMT even put Jessica Simpson on the box.


Although Cooter has had several model towtrucks, this one is probably the most recognizable. Whenever a car broke down in Hazzard County, Cooter was always there to come to the rescue. This model kit has some minor flaws. The confederate flag on the roof wasn’t there on television and the back half of the car should be white. Released in 1982.


It’s the Ghost of General Lee! In 1979, the famous “Ghost of General Lee” episode aired on TV. It featured Rosco getting scared out of his wits by a glowing General Lee Charger, back from the dead, or so he thought! MPC has created a special kit of the infamous ghostly General Lee from this episode, and it features glow in the dark plastic parts!


In 2009, MPC released Daisy’s firt car; her yellow Plymouth Road Runner. This was the car she drove before she got het famous “Dixie” Jeep. Molded in white with chrome, black vinyl tires and water-release decals, Daisy’s Road Runner comes in no less than 95 parts! Don’t let Bo and Luke drive it cause they will probably run it down a cliff at some point.


This big 1:16 scale model kit, re-released by MPC in 2010, is an exact replica of the model that was released back in the 80’s. This kit comes with a detailed engine with fuel lines and ignition wiring. It has highly detailed suspension with torsion bars and dual shocks. Molded in white so it needs to be painted orange.


The Dukes’ Digger is one of three ‘Snap Model Kits’ that were released. You didn’t need glue to put this model together. The strange thing about these 3 models is that they were never seen in the tv series. These models were completely made up. The Dukes’ Digger is a Hot-Rod like care molded in orange, black and silver.


This is what Cooter used to drive in his spare time. At least that’s what MPC wanted us to believe. This car was also never seen on tv. Cooter’s Cruiser was a Snap Model Kit, which means you didn’t need glue to put this model together. It was molded in black, blue and silver. These Snap Model Kits were 1:32 scale.


Did County Commissioner Boss J.D. Hogg really haul his moonshine in this? With that big portret of himself on the side of the van it might have been a bit to conspicuous. But with brother-in-law Rosco P. Coltrane as a sheriff, anything is possible. This 1:32 scale Snap Model was molded in white, black and silver.

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