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Dukes on DVD Season 5

Bo and Luke were replaced by their cousins Coy and Vance at the start of the fifth season because of a contract dispute and a dispute over the script-writing. The ad in TV Guide for the airing of the first episode reads “Boss unleashes his new secret weapon – a terrifying tank, The Mean Green Machine! Enos is back to pester Daisy! But Uncle Jesse’s got two new Dukes – Coy and Vance – tougher than their cousins ever were!”

The Duke cousins, Vance and Coy, come to Hazzard to embark on a new series of adventures, while Bo and Luke race the NASCAR circuit. Following the phenomenal success of this franchise on DVD, Dukes Season 5 will street in conjunction with the theatrical release.

The Duke family is back for more down-home adventure in The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season, now on DVD in this 8-disc, 22 episode collectors set.

  • The New Dukes
  • Dukes Strike It Rich
  • Lawman of the Year
  • Coy Meets Girl
  • The Hazzardgate Tape
  • Big Daddy
  • Vance’s Lady
  • Hazzard Hustle
  • Enos in Trouble
  • The Great Insurance Fraud
  • A Little Game of Pool
  • The Treasure of Soggy Marsh
  • The Revenge of Hughie Hogg
  • The Return of the Green Mean Machine
  • Ding, Dong, The Boss is Dead
  • Coy Vs. Vance
  • Comrade Duke
  • Witness: Jesse Duke
  • Welcome Back Bo n’ Luke
  • Big Brothers, Duke
  • Farewell Hazzard
  • Daisy’s Shotgun Wedding
→ Hazzard County Stunt Team: Reunited and in Your Face!: the original stunt team pays tribute to coordinator Paul Baxley
→ Cooter's Place: Keeping the Dream Alive: Visit Ben Jones' shrine to all things Hazzard

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