Episode Guide Season 1

13 Episodes | January 1979 – May 1979

The Dukes of Hazzard was rushed into production near the end of 1978, when the first five episodes were filmed in Covington, GA. Not until the Dukes proved to be an immediate hit was the Hazzard set built at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA. The show ran for seven seasons and a total of 147 episodes. Many of the episodes followed a similar structure. Out-of-town crooks pull a robbery, Duke boys get blamed, spend the rest of the hour clearing their names, the General Lee flies and the squad cars crash.

Capitalizing on the redneck fetish of the 1970’s, Season 1 shows how predictable, yet charming the hunky dory Duke boys and their series could be. In the pilot episode, Luke, Bo and Daisy divert slot machines (originally smuggled in by Hogg and Rosco) to local watering holes so they can raise money for Bo’s girlfriend’s charity, putting them at odds with Hogg from the get-go. Hogg later tries to frame the boys for robbing an armored truck and also forces them to escort a deadly prisoner to another town. The gang gets him back, however, after they investigate a scam that took advantage of Daisy and implicate Hogg and the sheriff.


JANUARY 26, 1979

The three Duke cousins root out evil in backwater Hazzard County in this series, which opens with the trio on the trail of a sheriff who is smuggling illegal slot machines into the area. Waylon Jennings wrote and performs the music, and punctuates the action with his off-screen homilies.

FEBRUARY 2, 1979

Bo and Luke have suspicions about a music-publishing business that is bilking would-be composer Daisy. What they don’t suspect is that Boss Hogg is in on the racket, or that the FBI is watching the entire operation.

FEBRUARY 9, 1979

A borrowed car carrying moonshine and a pregnant hitchhiker carrying hot money add up to a wild and woolly car chase for Bo and Luke.

(#4) “REPO MEN”
FEBRUARY 16, 1979

Bo and Luke are duped into taking part in a car-repossession scheme that involves them with ruthless counterfeiters and could send them back to prison for violating parole.

FEBRUARY 23, 1979

A contest for a workable fossil-fuel substitute offers the Dukes a big cash prize and a patriotic excuse to resurrect the old still that produced high-octane corn liquor for years. Almost as tempting is the beautiful revenue agent who interrupts their work.

MARCH 9, 1979

Uncle Jesse yields to the coaxing of Swamp Molly, an old moonshining colleague who was – and still is – sweet on him. Molly (Neva Patterson) wants to make “one last run,” with a friendly assist from the Dukes.

MARCH 16, 1979

Entrants in a notoriously dirty stock-car race include a beautiful driver, a smitten Luke, a murderous rival and Boss Hogg – who put his mama’s ashes in last year’s trophy, thinking it was to keep.

MARCH 30, 1979

An unlucky thief has his car towed away while he’s robbing Boss Hogg, so he stashes the loot in Daisy’s pickup and makes a getaway in the Dukes’ family car.

APRIL 6, 1979

Secret Service agents driving the Presidential limousine through the county stop just long enough for car-crazy Cooter to hot-wire it and take off.

APRIL 13, 1979

Boss Hogg deputizes the Dukes to escort a prisoner to Hazzard for trial, fully aware that the suspect’s pals would stop at nothing to turn him loose.

APRIL 20, 1979

Banker Hogg makes the Dukes the fall guys in a scheme to pocket $1,000,000 in ragged bills earmarked for burning at a Federal Reserve Bank.

(#12) “ROUTE 7-11”
MAY 4, 1979

Bo and Luke sign up to test-drive an 18-wheeler, unaware that their trailer is a mobile gambling casino.

MAY 11, 1979

It’s Daisy who gives chase to bank robbers (Arte Johnson, Avery Schreiber) dressed like Laurel and Hardy, since a plague scare has her menfolk – and the lawmen – quarantined in jail.


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