Episode Guide Season 2

25 Episodes | September 1979 – April 1980

In this second season The Dukes of Hazzard popularity really begins to take off! Tom Wopat and John Schneider return as Luke and Bo, along with a carload of colorfull Hazzard County relations, friends and foes. The stories begin with Uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg tearin’up the back roads in a grudge match and end with Luke and Bo dukin’ it out in a surprise feud of their own. In between, you’ll share hours of full-throttle adventure and laughs, Hazzard style!

The reformed moonshining family is still on probation with the law, yet they continue being a thorn in the side of the shady antagonist Boss Hogg his lackey, Sheriff Coltrane. In this second round of scheme-busting southern fun, Bo and Luke are assumed to have drowned after their car ends up at the bottom of a pond. Unsurprisingly, Hogg plans to blame the duo anyways, so Bo and Luke haunt him with visions of General Lee as a ghost, proving how silly the show can get. The season also introduces a recurring theme of having to protect Hogg from his enemies. Hogg and Jesse get into an argument about who was the best after watching a film of their moonshine-delivery exploits, and the two decide to resolve the debate with a race.


SEPTEMBER 21, 1979

A second season rolls in on a wave of nostalgia as old moonshiners Jesse and Hogg agree to an illegal race to determine the best ridgerunner around. A race with Hogg, however, is not necessarily won by the swift.

(#15) “GOLD FEVER”
SEPTEMBER 28, 1979

Boss Hogg is conned into a scheme involving $3 million in fake gold bullion.

OCTOBER 5, 1979

Mel Tillis plays Burl Tolliver in this horse opera dealing with the Mrs. J.D. Hogg Stake Race and Hogg’s scheme to steal a stallion.

OCTOBER 12, 1979

Syndicate kingpins choose Hazzard County as the site for a powwow. Their conference center: Rosco’s jail, rented out by Boss Hogg for $10,000.

OCTOBER 19, 1979

Boss Hogg is slickered by a thief who sells him $10,000 worth of stolen TV sets, then steals them back – leaving the Dukes the prime suspects.

OCTOBER 26, 1979

Boss Hogg’s scheme to take advantage of the Dukes’ reported drowning comes back to haunt him.

NOVEMBER 2, 1979

National champion stock-car racer Cale Yarborough plays himself in an episode bringing Luke and Bo face-to-face with their racing idol. Yarborough is testing a secret new turbocharger Boss Hogg is scheming to steal.

NOVEMBER 9, 1979

Bo and Luke join a demolition derby that’s fronting for the smuggling racket they’re suspected of operating.

NOVEMBER 16, 1979

The Dukes shelter Government witness Boss Hogg, who’s sought by hit men bent on preventing his testimony.

NOVEMBER 23, 1979

The race is on for Granny Annie’s engraving plates when the eccentric local artist proves to be the source of some funny money. The Oak Ridge Boys make a cameo appearance.

NOVEMBER 30, 1979

The Dukes’ frantic drive to get gorgeous T.C. Rogers (Pat Klous) elected supervisory administrator has its practical side: she’d automatically become their probation officer.

DECEMBER 14, 1980

As acting sheriff, Boss Hogg’s nephew Hughie (Jeff Altman) arrests Jesse Duke for stripping cars.

(#26) “DUKE OF DUKE”
JANUARY 4, 1980

The Dukes’ English cousin Gaylord (Simon McCorkindale), a stranger to the Hazzard County clan, arrives to claim his property rights – and Daisy’s heart to boot.

JANUARY 11, 1980

An eloping heiress stows away in the Dukes’ car after escaping from two bodyguards who were taking her back to her irate tycoon daddy (Robert Alda) – with the help of reward-hungry Boss Hogg.

JANUARY 18, 1980

An old moonshiner builds a still on the Duke farm, inside an armored personnel carrier that was stolen from Boss Hogg.

JANUARY 25, 1980

A pretty history professor enlists the Dukes’ help in locating a buried Civil War strongbox that may contain a regimental payroll. Clifton James joins the series as Sheriff Lester Crabbe.

FEBRUARY 1, 1980

No sooner does Daisy become a sheriff’s deputy than she’s chasing after two critters with a big reward on their heads that Boss Hogg wants.

FEBRUARY 8, 1980

Loretta Lynn detours through Hazzard County, where she is promptly kidnapped by three dimwits demanding $1136.15 ransom. Loretta sings “Y’all Come.”

(#32) “JUDE EMERY”
FEBRUARY 15, 1980

A Texas Ranger gets more help than he bargained for when he enlists Bo and Luke in flushing a varmint out of a swamp.

FEBRUARY 22, 1980

The Ridge Raiders, a bunch of old moonshiners, reunite after 40 years to stop Boss Hogg from diverting funds from a senior-citizens center to build a girlie joint.

FEBRUARY 29, 1980

A private detective and two beautiful associates are among the assorted characters from both sides of the law who are in hot pursuit of a crate of marijuana the Dukes received by mistake.

(#35) “R.I.P. HENRY FLATT”
MARCH 14, 1980

Hogg’s plan to plow up a cemetery rattles a con man (Hal Smith) who is supposed to be dead and buried there.

MARCH 21, 1980

Jesse’s newly rich cousins lose a suitcase containing their $250,000 windfall.


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