Georgia Filming Locations

Production of the Dukes of Hazzard began in November 1978, originally with the intention to produce just nine episodes. The first five episodes were filmed in Covington, Georgia, and surrounding areas. These first five episodes feature a noticeably different tone from the rest of the series, including some more adult-oriented humor, with some raunchier elements and slightly coarser language.

After completing production on the fifth episode, executives at Warner Brothers were impressed by the completed episodes and saw potential in developing the show into a full-running series; part of this plan was to move production from Georgia to the Warner Brothers lot in California, primarily to simplify production, as well as developing a larger workshop to construct and service the large number of vehicles the series would go through.

Use the menu above to navigate through all Georgia Filming Locations. It’s categorized in 6 main area’s; Covington, Conyers, Loganville, Oxford, Social Circle and Atlanta.

Covington Area Conyers Area Loganville Area
Ace Parker Used Cars Cooter’s Junkyard Daisy Bikini Road
Black Tilly Intersection Mary Kaye Gas Station High Octane Arrest
Elm Street Jump High Octane Jump Virgil Moon Rd
Hazzard Courthouse Sheriff’s Office Duke Farm
Railroad Crossing Cooter Flips Police Car Moonshine Still
Sheridan Orphans Home Mary Kaye Dirt Road Wooden Bridge
Department of Environmental Protection Repo Men Rippin Road
Starr Apartment

Oxford Area Social Circle Area Atlanta Area
Candler Hall Mary Kaye Jump Bridge Amphitheater
Seney Hall One Armed Bandits Long Road Hood Slide Parking Lot
The Boars Nest Repo Men Field Starr Recording Studio
Boss’ Meeting Bridge


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