Starr Recording Studio

The Recording Studio they used in ‘Daisy’s Song’ still looks the same today. It was really used as a Recording Studio until 2017.  It’s located at 1200 Spring Street in Atlanta. Note the number 1200 above the door.
During my last visit in 2017, the building was for rent and completely empty. All inner walls have been taken out.

This is the side entrance to Starr’s Recording Studio. Boss Hogg came running out of this door after cops busted in for a raid. Notice the huge parking garage in the background. The backdoor of Starr’s Recording studio which was used by Bo and Luke to quickly exit the Studio after police fell in for a raid.



What it looks like today
Starr Recording
The recording studio as seen in episode #2 'Daisy's Song'.
Run, Boss, Run!
Boss Hogg came running out this side exit when the police raided the studio.
The back exit
Bo and Luke took the exit in the back while running from the police.
Let's sneak in
Bo and Luke snuk into Starr Recording Studio via this door. Photo taken in 2008.
A lot of corridors
There are a lot of small corridors in the building that Bo & Luke ran through. Photo taken in 2008.
Completely stripped
The building has been stripped empty and has been put up for rent. Photo taken in 2017.


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