Cooter’s Junkyard

In ‘One Armed Bandits’, the very first episode of The Dukes of Hazzard, Bo and Luke race the General Lee into the Hazzard County Junkyard. The blue bus you can see in that scene has stayed there until 2017. All junk cars have been taken away at some point and only a few cars and that bus(!) were left behind. A fire somewhere in 2016 has made them close the junkyard for good.

In episode #3 Mary Kaye’s Baby, Rosco and Enos pay Cooter a visit at his garage asking him about that blue Plymouth Fury they’ve been chasing all morning. That scene was also filmed at this very same junkyard down Hwy. 20 in Conyers, GA.



What it looked like in 2006
Hasn't moved an inch
That bus has been standing there for so long, trees have grown right through it.
Treasure of Hazzard
Some Duke fans that have visited the junkyard have taken parts off of the bus.
Meeting Point
Where Bo and Luke talked to Cooter, Dobro and Brodie about Rosco's slot machines.
Burt Reynolds Mustache
They must've just changed this since Iast time a girI chased me through here.
Cooter's Garage
This is the actual garage that Cooter used as seen in Mary Kaye's Baby.


Where you can find it


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