Ace Parker Used Cars

Ace Parker’s Used Car Lot as seen in episode #4 ‘Repo Men’. Ace was Hazzard’s number two used car dealer. There were no others, but Ace just couldn’t be first at anything. He had 11 cars in stock. 8 of them were stolen, and 7 of those would actually start.

When Bo and Luke drove by in the General Lee, they saw a wrecked Richard Petty race car standing outside. It had a beautiful engine that would fit well in their General. So they made a deal with Ace repossessing a Rolls Roys that Boss Hogg wanted to buy for his wife Lulu in return for that wrecked Charger.



What it looks like today
Dearly Beloved
Ace Parker's Used Car Lot looks totally different. That's because they build a church in that same spot.
Across of Ace's
Also, the loading docks across the street have been torn down in 2006.
End of the Road
This is the spot were the boys drove away with that wrecked Richard Petty Charger on their trailer.


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