Elm Street Jump

This is where they filmed the first scene of the first episode ‘One Armed Bandits’ in November 1978. In this scene we see the Duke boys chasing Cooter who ‘borrowed’ Rosco’s Patrol Car. The General Lee (Lee #2) jumped 157 feet.  Although it was the first jump the audience got to see in the first episode, it wasn’t the first one that they shot on film. This jump was done a few days after the very first jump at Oxford College.

This crossing was used twice in ‘One Armed Bandits’. The first time was in the first scene right after the Elm St. jump. The second time was near the end of the episode while Bo and Luke were chased by Rosco on their way to the Sheridan Orphans Home.



What it looks like today
Where Lee#2 jumped
This is what Elm Street looks like today. This photo was taken in 2017.
Railroad Tracks
In November 1978, the General Lee jumped some railroad tracks. They have been paved over a couple of years ago.
Back in 2008
Those railroad track were still there in 2008.
Opposite direction
The crossing of Elm and Williams Street. Note that the white building is still there.


Where you can find it


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