Hazzard Courthouse

This is the Newton County Courthouse in Covington which was used as the Hazzard County Courthouse. It was built in 1884 and is one of only five in the state of Georgia built in the Second Empire style. It is located at 1124 Clark Street. It was featured in the episodes ‘One Armed Bandits’ (#1) and ‘High Octane’ (#5).

In the ‘High Octane’ episode you can see Bo and Luke together with their uncle Jesse walking these steps going into the Courthouse to visit their probation officer. On the door there’s a poster for a contest concerning a substitute for Fossil Fuels.


This shot is taken right in front of the Courthouse on Clark Street in Covington, looking west. In this scene Cooter was fixing the General Lee’s taillight. Note the big dent in the General Lee.


What it looks like today
Hazzard Courthouse
The Courthouse in Covington. This photo is taken in 2007. It hasn't changed much.

Courthouse steps
The steps the lead into the Courthouse. Bo, Luke and Jesse walked these stairs.

Probation Office
The office where Jesse and the boys had to report to their Probation Officer.

Parking spot
Where the General Lee was parked in the 'Repo Men' episode.

View down the road
This is right in front of the Courthouse where Cooter fixed the General Lee's tail light.


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