Railroad Crossing

Near the end of ‘One Armed Bandits’ the Duke boys were being chased by Rosco and Enos on their way to the Orphanage. This Railroad crossing was used in one of the scenes. It is located at Hwy 81 and Herring St. in Covington.


This location has not changed much since filming took place in November 1978. If they ever cut away those trees in Herring St., it will look exactly the same as it did in episode #1 “One Armed Bandits”.

What it looks like today
Across the Railroad
Still looks pretty much the same as it did in 1978.
Herring St.
The General Lee made a sharp turn right into Herring St. while being chased by Rosco.
Yours truly
Me in the original Hazzard County. This picture was taken in July 2017.


Where you can find it


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