Duke Farm

The Duke farm, or what’s left of it, is located at 2201 Lenora Rd near Loganville. The house was build around a civil war cabin. When the outer rooms were torn down they discovered the civil war cabin. Demolition work was stopped and the cabin stayed there for years. But eventually time and weather elements took their toll and the cabin had to be torn down in 2011 due to risk of collapse.


In the fourth Dukes of Hazzard episode ‘Repo Men’ the Dukes all get together around this fireplace. Bo and Luke tell their Uncle Jesse they bought a wrecked Richard Petty race car for only $200…. and a job repoing a Rolls for Ace Parker. Again, the farm has has been demolished in 2011.


What it looks like today
Not much left
One chimney is all that's left of the Duke farm.
Big tree
Where the big tree used to be. Notice the shed in the back.
Back in 2007
What the civil war cabin looked like in 2007.
Christmas catalogue
This is the angle you see in episode 4 when Jesse picks up his Christmas catalogue.
By the fireplace
The Duke family used to gather around this fireplace.


Where you can find it


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