Repo Men Rippin Road

In episode #4 ‘Repo Men’ some very impressive stunts were done. The Duke boys had put spikes on the side of Cooter’s Tow Truck so they could rip the bad guys car’s apart. This was done at Hwy 20 near Loganville, GA. Only a few yards away, at the intersection coming from Centerville Rosebud Road onto Hwy 20, they filmed the Rolls Royce making a sharp turn to the right.


What it looks like today
Rip her apart
On this road, Bo used Cooter's Tow Truck to rip the Ford LTD apart.
Same house
That house on the right side of the road was there in 1978.
Let's go right
Where Cooter and Luke drove the Rolls Royce onto Hwy. 20.


Where you can find it


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