Candler Hall

Here you can see what the inside of one of the ‘Civic & Fraternal Clubs’ looks like today. Not much has changed. This shot was filmed inside the Candler Hall at Oxford College.

The scene where Boss Hogg and Rosco overlook the room with the slotmachines was filmed inside the Candler Hall at Oxford College in Covington. Boss Hogg: “Rosco, I got me three medals in two wars… and the only time I get scared is when you get smug.”


The bar where Rosco discovered that Bo and Luke were selling the slot machines to the clubs. Outside,  you can see the same tree where the ‘Honest John Ledbetter’ poster was put up in ‘One Armed Bandits’. This is in front of the Candler Hall at Oxford College. Note the tennis court in the background. It is still there.


What it looks like today
Slot machine
Bo and Luke sold their machines to the Civic & Fraternal Clubs.
Boss & Rosco
Where Boss Hogg and Rosco looked down on the slot machines.
Hunting Club
Now where did that slot machine go?
The Bar
Modern day Bo & Luke. Me and buddy Serge in 2017.
Honest John Ledbetter
John Ledbetter put his election poster on this tree.


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