Boss’ Meeting Bridge

In episode #3 ‘Mary Kaye’s Baby’, Boss Hogg and Quirt McQuade met at this bridge. They were both looking for Mary Kaye (and her money). In a different scene, Bo, Luke and Mary Kaye hid under this bridge in the blue Fury trying to avoid being caught by McQuade and Leo. The bridge has been replaced by a concrete bridge, but if you look closely that trestle bridge in the back is still there today.



What it looks like today
Changed a bit
The bridge were the two Boss' met has been replaced in recent years.
There comes Boss Hogg
It's not hard to imagine Boss Hogg driving up in his white Cadillac here.
No where to hide
Where Bo, Luke and Mary Kaye hid in the blue Fury. New bridge though.


Where you can find it


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