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Tracey duke from Rougemont wrote on September 20, 2019:
We all love them dukes so yall located in the USA at 4647 Helena Moriah rd Rougemont NC 27572 we built a Dukes of Hazzard museum themed as the Boars Nest ,you can find more information at our facebook page Tracey Duke or just google up Dukes of Hazzard NC that way you can see all the media of our museum
Mark Osko from Avon wrote on May 11, 2019:
I was a fan of Dukes of Hazzard from season 3 - 7. I really enjoyed all of the episodes and all of the characters that performed for the show. The greatest scenes were all of the General Lee car jumps with the yy-eeeee-hhhh-aaaa during it. Wished they could have made a couple of more movies. Wish we could see one final ending to the show.
Richard from Brunswick, Georgia USA wrote on February 28, 2019:
Great website! I am amazed you could locate and find actual Georgia filming locations especially since the Atlanta area has grown so much.
Syl Ulrich from House Springs wrote on February 16, 2019:
This website is the best. My mom and I are planning on having a DOH road trip this June (2019). Super excited!!!!
Brian Potenziano from Vestal, NY wrote on January 20, 2019:
Just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you!! Without this website and your help I never would have been to visit ‘Hazzard County’. I actually rented a new Corvette to hit all the locations with style. LOL I’ll send you my pics and again, from the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!!!
Martin Sordo from Lawrenceville wrote on January 14, 2019:
I was living still in Mexico City when the show came on. I was fascinated with it. I fell in love with the Charger General Lee. The vehicle was everything to me!!! The engine's sound, the horn, the look, the paint. The perfect car!!!! Let me tell you now living in Georgia I have been in some of the roads the used and that is so special to me. That show was, is and will be with me forever and ever!!!
Paul Wallace from Hartsville wrote on January 14, 2019:
I love the show,i use to watch it on friday nights at 9:00 pm when it first aired on CBS.
CRISTIAN CUBILLOS from Santiago wrote on December 27, 2018:
Nice web!!! I would like to know Hazzard County next year. This site help me to where we go with my family. Thank you so much! And sorry about my english. Regards from Chile.
Brian Potenziano from Vestal NY wrote on December 5, 2018:
I appreciate all your hard work on this site and especially the addresses of locations! I'll be there next month and can't wait to experience this place first hand. Best regards, Brian
Johnny Pryor wrote on August 15, 2018:
Hello... When I was a child, my mother once sat me in front of our family TV and turned it on. The show that came on truly captivated me. There was this bright orange car being chased, flying through the air and leaving the rotten old sherrif in its dust. From that day forth, I was a car kid. I started bugging my mom to quit buying action figures and to hit up the Hot Wheels section. Proud to say that 33yrs later, I'm still a huge fan of the show. Now only have I introduced the show to my children, I have made it a part of my bucket list to steal a kiss from none other than Daisy Duke herself (with that I'm proud to say that I have last time she was in town for an autograph signing). I guess it was okay though because my wife stole one from Enos. In closing, I'd also further like to mention that I admire the work you have done in providing information on the filming locations.
Boris Migliore from Italy wrote on July 11, 2018:
Hi, First of all, congratulations for your site and your work! I'm a Italian guy and a very big fan of the TV serie "Hazzard". I'm a fan of 80's movies and I often travel to search their original film locations in both the USA and Canada. I was very impressed by your site on the Hazzard locations. Because in late September I want to travel again to the USA, I'd like so much visit that locations.